Intake Procedure
Our receptionist will welcome you and you will complete a new patient intake form as well as a privacy form. Depending on your current condition, additional paperwork may be needed. Once you have completed the paperwork you will then meet with Dr. Popowich to discuss your current condition and any other questions or concerns you may have.

When meeting with Dr. Popowich please provide as much information about your current conditions as possible, as this will allow for the best course of examination and will help in the type of treatment provided.

Your examination will include a chiropractic bio-mechnical posture and stress evaluation, as well as standard orthopedic and neurological testing. The goal of the exam is to find the underlying cause of your condition, what will be needed to take care of the cause, and what opportunities you have to improve your overall function and well being.

Special in Office Testing
Dr. Popowich also provides non-invasive computerized Surface EMG testing, which measures the amount of activity in your muscles, to determine how stress and dysfunction are affecting your spinal condition. This information is stored to compare to follow-up scans to monitor your response to treatment. 

Report of Finding
At the conclusion of your initial evaluation Dr. Popowich will describe your finding to you and how your finding relates to your current condition. Dr. Popowich will offer you options in treatment based on your goals and needs. Follow-up evaluation will be discussed as well as any concerns you may have.

Same day appointments available at 
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