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Do I need a referral to see Dr. Popowich? 
Dr. Popowich is a primary health care provider and a referral is not needed. Please note that we do receive referrals from medical doctors, physical therapist and other types of healthcare providers but it is because that provider realizes that the care Dr. Popowich provides would be the best for that patient. 

Do you accept my insurance? 
Dr. Popowich is Preferred Provider for many insurance plans including; Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Care, Husky, Federal Employees Plan, Antenna, Cigna, Health Net, Medicare and many more. We will bill your insurance for you as agreed with your policy. 

What if I don’t have insurance or if I have limited insurance? 
We provide affordable care for all in need. We offer convenient cash plans including payment plans and we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. 

What are your office hours? 
We are open Monday through Saturday and offer early morning hours as well as evenings until 7:30 PM. Dr. Popowich is on call 24/7 and has often attended patients on Sunday when needed. Since Dr. Popowich is a local resident he is able to quickly attend chiropractic emergence cases if needed. 

What if I don’t want to be popped, twisted or cracked can you still provide chiropractic care for me? 
Dr. Popowich offers Impulse Chiropractic Adjustment which is performed without popping, twisting or cracking for patients who prefer this type of care. 

I have a busy schedule. Will I have to wait long to see Dr. Popowich? 
Dr. Popowich has a no wait policy which is “A Patient Will Be Attended to within 15 Minutes of arriving to the office?. 

Does Dr. Popowich provide care for children? 
Yes, Dr. Popowich has been asked to adjust children who are only a few hours after birth when the birth process was prolonged or stressful for the child. In addition Dr. Popowich adjusts many children from infants, toddlers, preteens as well as teenagers. 

Can I be adjusted if I have osteoporosis? 
Yes, Dr. Popowich has had many patients with osteoporosis and be assured that he will provide you with a complete chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological evaluation to provide you with the appropriate care. 

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